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About .gent Domains

.GENT is derived from the city of Ghent in Belgium (which is “Gent” in Flemish). As one of the oldest known cities in the world, Ghent is a home to several historical sites and thousands of people. Those who live or work in Ghent can now use the .GENT geodomain to establish their presence in the ancient city.

Why choose a .GENT domain?

  • Individuals or business owners can create a concrete presence in Ghent by using a geodomain that informs visitors of their origins.
  • The domain can also be used to advertise the city as a tourist destination.
  • .GENT can also be used creatively to create interesting URLs, like pa.gent, a.gent, or sar.gent—or you can keep it classy by using .GENT as a shortened version of “gentleman.”